Posted on March 28, 2015 at 2:49 am

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YRF's Diva'ni celebrates the Bohemian Whimsy!

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The beginning of spring signifies a fresh approach, a new start, a better way. And in this blooming season, Diva’ni explores the themes that inspire us. The motifs that define us. Art. Truth. Freedom. Diva’ni, India’s first cinema inspired fashion brand by Yash Raj Films and KBSH Pvt. Ltd, launches its spring/summer ’15 collection, “The Bohemian Whimsy.” The collection celebrates an independent, carefree traveler who wants to live life on her own terms.

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Dipped in the colors of nature and scented with the essence of a summer rose, the collection is a combination of subtle hues and gushing flares. The collection uses intricate embellishments with artistic embroidery techniques; this collection is an intricate mix of age old craft with modern edgy silhouettes.

Speaking about the collection, Sanya Dhir, Brand Director, Diva’ni adds,

“The Bohemian Whimsy collection is DIVA’NI’s ode to the free-spirited diva as reflected and celebrated on the Indian celluloid. This spring summer collection is for women who do not like to be bound or questioned, and who are ready to sail their own ships.”

Diva’ni since its inception has been about the cinematic celebration of a diva, someone who is liberated from shackles of conformity and everyday expectations. The stunning collection is soft, feminine, and has a vintage touch to its intricate details. The lovely collection will have you falling in love with every outfit!

With The Bohemian Whimsy collection Diva’ni is all set to bring out the stunning starlet that lives within you!


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