Posted on March 9, 2015 at 10:13 am

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What's weighing Sunny Leone down these day?

Sunny Leone is seen at her ethnic best in the song “Mere Sayiaan Super Star” from her upcoming movie Ek Paheli-Leela”.

Teaming the golden lehenga embellished with rich embroidery by designer Rohit Verma while the actress makes it looking ethereal seem easy, very few know that the lehenga she sports in the song weighed almost 12 kilos!

Though we have seen actresses sporting heavy lehenga’s and even dancing around them, but it is a first for Sunny who is not at all used to wearing such heavy Indian clothes, and carried it off with much finesse

What we hear is that the actress paid heavy price for opulence whilst performing intricate steps in a super heavy costume.

A source close to the film says,

Sunny’s main concern was to carry herself with ease in that heavy, ethnic wardrobe. The shoot went on for 3 days and Sunny even found it difficult to sit properly and as a result whenever she wore the lehenga for the shoot, she would not be sitting at all, Sunny managed to carry it and performed all her steps gracefully but the steps were becoming more complex and therefore choreographer turned producer Ahmed Khan decided to get another lehenga made and requested Rohit Verma to make a replica of the same golden lehenga weighing little lighter.”

We hear the lehenga was made within 24 hours with more then 10 people working on it and was ready in the nick of time!