Posted on March 10, 2015 at 6:13 pm

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"People Love me More in my Negative Roles" – Sharhaan Singh

Indian television’s most popular bad boy Sharhaan Singh is simply loved by all. The young and dashing lad who is known for his portrayal of Sid in Colors’ Uttran was last seen on screen as the vicious Resham Singh of Sony TV’s Hum Hain Na. Urban Asian recently had the chance to get to know the man behind bad boy Resham Singh. Here’s what he had to say about Hum Hain Na, his bad boy avatar and much more!

You play Resham Singh on Sony TV’s Hum Hain Na. What attracted you to the character?

I had never played village boy prior to this so playing Resham Singh was my first experience. I loved his desi language and tone.

Hum Hai Na is said to be ending on March 19th. What is your take on that?

It is upsetting that the show will be ending. I enjoyed doing the show, playing Resham’s character for a month and am satisfied with my role.

Of all the characters you’ve played which is your favorite character and why?

I enjoyed playing Sid of Uttran and now Resham Singh in Hum Hain Na. It was a different experience.


Playing negative or gray shaded characters on screen has led to a number of backlashes for actors in the past, have you experienced such a phenomenon?

I’ve played both negative and positive characters in the past. I’ve come to learn that people have appreciated my negative characters more. The love and affection I have received from playing negative roles has been tremendous.

What is the wackiest thing a fan has done for you?

I had a fan from London who would watch each of my episodes and recite my dialogues back to me. It really amazed me as to how much affection my fans have for me.

If you were given the chance to be part of a remake of a Bollywood classic, which film would you choose and what character would you like to play?

I’s love to play Veeru from Sholay, Raj from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Amol Palekar’s characters from Golmaal.

If a lucky fan was given the opportunity to spend the day with you, which aspect of your life would you show them? Where would you take them?

I would show the real life of a “star”. I want to show my fans that we are not that different from them. We eat, we sleep, we have friends and family. I would share good things with them. Teach them to respect the elderly, treat women with respect and share my love for animals.

Are you a big foodie? What kind of food/drinks do you enjoy? Which do you dislike?

I’m not a huge foodie, but I do enjoy butter chicken, roasted chicken pasta and I absolutely love pineapple juice. I am not fond of fish or mutton and dislike alcoholic beverages and smoking.
And finally, any messages for your fans?

Love what God gave you. Cherish your family and friends. Respect nature, animals, women and the elderly. Spread love!