Posted on March 11, 2015 at 6:20 pm

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15 Desi Soap Problems we've all been through!

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The average Asian household watches about 5-6 shows a day or probably more on TV! And we’re not just talking about Asian mom’s unwinding, we’ve got dad’s, grandparents, and kids all settling down to get sucked into this magical world where vampy relatives are out for money, heroes don’t want to settle down, heroines have dreams to accomplish, parents that just want their kids to be married and of course where two unlikely people so predictably fall in love.

television soaps

Don’t get us wrong, we love soaps as well, but we’ve got some serious #DesiSoapProblems. Check out our team’s list of #DesiSoapProblems and let us know what you think!

1. When the episode ends at the worst moment possible, damn cliffhangers! #DesiSoapProblems

2. Is this a show or a music video? What is up with all the Bollywood background score? #DesiSoapProblems

television soaps

3. When your parents ignore you while watching their favorite soaps. Face it, the climax is more important than your life problems. #DesiSoapProblems

4. When you skip a few episodes only only to find out that they’ve been at the same party for a month. #DesiSoapProblems

5. When you find out your favorite on screen couple is married…..

…to other people (excuse me while I sob uncontrollably) #DesiSoapProblems

6. When it takes the actor 3 episodes to say 1 sentence during the climax scene, screw the special effects, TELL HER YOU LOVE HER ALREADY! #hyperventilating #DesiSoapProblems

7. When your mother-in-law/mother starts quoting filmy dialogues or referencing shows 0_0 (My mother has literally said to me “You worship your father and you always think I’m wrong! Now I know how Anjali on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Do feels! You’re just like Shlok!”#DesiSoapProblems

8. How did the newborn age 20 years in one song? #DesiSoapProblems

pavitra rishta couples

9. Eight leaps later the main characters still look exactly the same, aren’t they supposed to be dead by now? Can someone tell me which wrinkle cream Manav and Archana used because that was some intense stuff #PavitraRishta #DesiSoapProblems

10. I love how the minutes devoted to commercials increase proportionally with the amount of drama happening in the show -__- #SayNoToCommercials! #DesiSoapProblems

11. When a girl get’s pregnant because she kissed a guy. Mommy is that how babies are made? #SoapProblems

12. How do these girls wear a full face of make up to bed and not get it on their pillows? #DesiSoapProblems

13. When you’re standing in a dark dungeon with no windows but suddenly their is wind magically blowing your hair perfectly when you see you’re hero, WTF? #DesiSoapProblems

kritika kamra, karan kundra, kitni mohabbat hai

14. Have you noticed how romantic moments are suddenly 20 minutes long with 19 minutes of deep soul-searching gazes into each others eyes and 1 minute of dialogue…. Why can’t my boyfriend do that? #DesiSoapProblems

15. Probably because he doesn’t look like one of these guys…

Soaps give us unmarried girls an unrealistic expectations about the boys of India, where can I find a boy that looks like THAT!? #DesiSoapProblems

Got any #DesiSoapProblems we missed? Don’t be shy! Leave us a comment or a tweet of you’re favorite ones!

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