Posted on March 11, 2015 at 1:56 am

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Meet Hunterrr's gorgeous women!

What would a Hunterrr be without the women in his life! A new video feature for the film Hunterrr has just been released, which shifts the focus to the three women in Mandar Ponkshe’s (Gulshan Devaiah) life; Trupti (Radhika Apte), Jyotsna (Sai Tamhankar) and Parul (Veera Saxena).

The video clearly suggests that if Mandar is a ‘Hunterrr‘, the three women aren’t simply his ‘prey’ either. Director Harshavardhan Kulkarni speaks about the women in Mandar’s life and he says, “All the three women are not Hunterrr ke shikaar (prey of the Hunterrr), they are shikaaris (hunters) in their own right!”

Actress Radhika, who just received tremendous acclaim for her role in Badlapur, plays the free-spirited, independent Trupti. She describes Trupti as someone she can instantly relate to. She says, “Every woman is a strong character, has a history and story… And she knows what she is doing!”

The makers have also released three unique ‘Trump Card’ style posters titled, ‘Hunterrr Ke Nishaane‘ (target of the Hunterrr) that give us a quick and fun intro to the three ladies. Thus far, we have seen Mandar and his unique tactics to charm and seduce women. Now let’s see if these ladies trump him at his own game!

Hunterrr is produced by Tailormade Films, Phantom Films, Shemaroo Entertainment and Falco. The film releases in cinemas on March 20, 2015. Are you looking forward to seeing the film? Let us know in the comment section below and check out the video of the women from Hunterrr.