Posted on March 11, 2015 at 11:31 am

Indian TV What's Happenin'

Mayank Gandhi to be a part of Million Dollar Girl!

Beyond Dreams Entertainment’s latest show Million Dollar Girl has brought a new wave in the world of youth based television. With a small town girl dreaming her way to become a fashionista in Paris, the show has become an aspiration for youngsters across India. The show on Channel V presents the strength and passion of a young girl Avanti (Sharmin Kazi) who knows how to make her dreams come true. She collides with Virat Thakur (Vikram Singh Chauhan) a boy who dreams of setting up a large scale business empire in the heart of Benares and things seem to be going well for the two two until this new revelation.


In upcoming episodes, audiences will witness the entry of Mayank Gandhi who will be playing a rich and affluent business man on the show. He will act as a mentor to Avanti and soon take a liking for her. Will this be the start of a love triangle between Virat, Avanti and her mentor? Keep watching Million Dollar Girl to find out more!