Posted on March 14, 2015 at 4:36 pm

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Manjeet Singh set to make a comeback this Mother's Day with "Maa!"

Singer, Composer and Songwirter, Manjeet Singh is set to make a comeback after 7 years with a Mothers day special, “Maa.” Check out this lovely teaser form the Manchester born artist.

“Maa” is a tribute to Manjeet’s beloved mother who passed away, the pain of the loss of the mother and the remembrance of the happiness, the special moments and experiences the mother had shared with him, inspired him to write the song “Maa”. The lyrics of the composition reflect the feelings of mother and child for each other. “Maa” symbolises the divine relationship between mother and child, a bond which is like no other, and which is a blessing from the Almighty to all mothers and their children.  The music is a mellow feel which has all been recorded live by a multi-instrumentalist who has played several different instruments on this music.

maa, manjeet singh
Manjeet Singh has not only a passion for music but a particular eye for sound going around the world finding the right instruments to fit in his songs. He is one of the unique artists that records with live musicians and not computer samples for each of his song. Manjeet started singing at the age of 16 where he went on to performing at small private functions and went on to international tours to India, Pakistan, Greece, Amsterdam later in his career. Manjeet writes his own music alongside composing the melodies before its recorded with a 10 piece band. After “Maa,” Manjeet will be releasing more songs this year and working on some international collaborations.