Posted on March 14, 2015 at 9:37 pm

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Gabbar takes the country by storm!

Have you noticed the ‘Gabbar is Back’ banners all over India? These banners and hoardings that show a sleek beard and crop of black hair have suddenly become the talk of the town. Apparently, he is ready to derail the mighty corruption in the country. Seems like a strong guy!

Gabbar Image  5

From what we can see, this Gabbar is not the popular villain but a completely different person set to change the rules of the game. Spreading messages of wisdom through these banners that are everywhere from autos to buses to walls to social media, it has reached the definition of a phenomena altogether. The striking aspects are the words that are used on the hoardings, a shout out to the rule breakers of the country for sure! Statements like “Har ek cheez pe rishwat lena aur dena band karo…warna gabbar aa jaega” or “Kachra Kachre ke dabbe mai hi feko…warna gabbar aa jaega” will make you stand up and notice them.

But we still don’t really know who this Gabbar actually is, he seems like a fighter and a vigilante but to know who he really is, it’s something we will have to wait to see. After seeing these all over, we surely can’t wait to meet you Mr. Gabbar, whoever you are!