Posted on March 7, 2015 at 10:15 pm

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

Filmmaker Jeet Matharru dons the actors cap for Woman From the East Kudessan!

Shooting for his upcoming movie Woman From The East, Jeet portrayed the grey character of Shera. Jeet Matharru is a man of many talents. Having assisted many directors early in his career, he is ready with his latest Bollywood movie, Woman From The East. The movie that is made in two languages will see the director donning an actors hat.

Earlier, it was also reported that Karan Johar will be seen in a negative role for an upcoming movie. According to the sources, Jeet will be seen in a quintessential role of a burgher from a prudish village. Always restoring by his friend`s side, his character Shera, also emanates fragments of grey. He will be seen in a supporting role alongside leads, Pakhi Hegde and Sukhbir Singh. WOMAN FROM THE EAST Kudessan is a disturbing and heart-wrenching tale of hard-hitting realities in the underbelly of rural India.


This movie is where the movement begins – a movement to protect and pay tribute to all the women across the globe. A movement to bring the harsh realities of cruelty towards women into light, a movement to educate and understand the root of the cause.

Kailash Kher & Jeet Matharru (1)

Directed by Jeet Matharru, ‘Woman From The East’ depicts the plight of a poor Indian woman, who is marketed as an animal and is made alien right in her own mother land. It`s a bilingual movie that made in Punjabi and Hindi. The movie is set to release in May this year. Looks like this one might be good!