Posted on March 14, 2015 at 7:10 pm

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Fans can't wait for Jaz Dhami to release "Beparwaiyan!" music video!

Jaz Dhami returns to mesmerize audiences with another magical love song titled “Beparwaiyan!” Fans are going nuts waiting for this video! They’ve been posting pictures and sending videos to the artist with the caption “I’m ready for #Beparwaiyan video!” Well we’ve got to wait a bit longer but we do have a teaser, check it out!

Jaz Dhami, always thinking out of the box brings the song “Beparwaiyan” stripped back from any fancy packages. Following on from “Zulfa” an upbeat modern day love song, “Beparwaiyan” brings back the simplicity of old school love songs, with an Indie fusion inspired by Ed Sheeran. Jaz’s soulful rendition of the heartfelt words will give you the impression that he’s performing “Beparwaiyan” in the same room as you. This storytelling heart felt melody shows how Jaz can adapt his style across the board. Jaz has once again teamed up with producer Steel Banglez, worlds apart from their last release together “Pasina.” The romantic sound of the Spanish guitar, heart wrenching flutes and subtle violins takes the listener to another world. Check out the full song!

“Beparwaiyan” truly is a magical song, the poetry in its writing is reflective of the era of love letters, Jaz Dhami’s emotive performance on the song solidifies him as the UK’s finest Asian singer. Keep it locked for more updates!