Posted on March 22, 2015 at 3:16 am

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Dhruv Kapur's Undress Code in honor of women at Lakme!

Retaliating in the most fashion forward way possible, Dhruv Kapur introduced his collection ‘Undress Code‘ for the brand DRVV at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015.

This collection by the designer was built around a basic objective to protest against the restraints that have often kept a woman from being her own person with individuality. Deconstruction of garments created a new fashion statement where the message was loud and clear.

The silhouettes in itself were chic and told a different story with every ensemble that walked out. With straight and structured cut-outs, the “undress” also achieved the deconstruction look. This was by creating garments falling off the body and strategically placed zips, to recreate a ‘torn and allowed to show the skin’ or lining underneath concept.

Dhruv Kapur collection
Dhruv Kapur collection

A white will-power dress was teamed with a deconstructed jacket, gown with cut-outs and zip detailing on the sides and the black halter dress with a draped back, fitted perfectly into the theme of the show.

Fabrics used to interpret this statement-making collection were smooth cotton poplin, cotton-silk blend with one side poplin and one side satin (to reduce bulk and create styles without lining for the summer), silk satin, silk chiffon, handwoven raw silk from Andhra Pradesh and lightweight wool voile. The colors that complemented the theme were white, cream, black, and soft peach in some accents.

The created textures involved, were basket weave of silk satin strips, created by hand in-house. The elements of the designs that stood out, were the zip detailing at the seams that depicted a ripped-off look impeccably. Refashioned suits and shirt gave the whole range of clothing a new contemporary look.

Dhruv Kapur’s collection ‘Undress Code‘ was effortless, classic, avant garde, fashionably on-point and radiated a powerful message to all of womankind.