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8 Things you never knew about Varun Dhawan!

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The adorable Varun Dhawan was launched by Karan Johar in the mega hit, Student of the Year in 2012. The assistant director turned actor has been wooing his fans since then. The son of much loved director David Dhawan, it’s no surprise Varun also has the comedy touch like his dad. With Varun’s latest release, Badlapur he showed fans that he truly is versatile with this intense role. With perfect comic timing, amazing dancing skills and powerful acting, it’s no wonder that Varun Dhawan has become the “it” boy of Bollywood but what do we really know about him? Check out our list of top little known facts on Varun Dhawan!


1. For Badlapur, Salman Khan’s Tere Naam was actually Varun’s inspiration for the role but his look? Varun actually looked to his older brother, Rohit, for the look of the film! He said that when he would get older he felt that he would end up looking more like his older brother so he tried to look more like Rohit for Badlapur.

2. Varun once told a media outlet that he misses his old life, he misses the privacy but he loves acting. He said he would give up anything for his passion, that is a determined young man! He’s so passionate that to prepare for his role in Badlapur he completely isolated himself from his universe and his mom was so worried she called up his friends to ask what was wrong!

Varun Dhawan at Badlapur Station

3. Varun actually studied Business Management at Nottingham Trent University in the UK! Cute and smart, what a combination!

4. While attending Nottingham Trent University in the UK, Varun was actually a promoter for nightclubs! He’s even said he’s done some crazy things back in those days. Hmm…wonder what that could mean?

5. Looks like Varun Dhawan and his former co-star Nargis Fakhri are quite close! The two Main Tera Hero stars apparently have a running game of constantly sending each other naughty jokes to beat the other. Before you all get excited, it’s not a romantic relationship but they are great friends.

6. Rohit and Varun are very close, Varun has even mentioned many times how his older brother has sacrificed a lot for him. It seems that Rohit Dhawan is a strong support for both his younger brother and his father. David Dhawan even took the titled of his film Main Tera Hero from a song in Rohit Dhawan’s Desi Boyz flick. Rohit was also the one who recommended Varun’s name for Main Tera Hero!

7. Speaking of family, do you know what Varun’s dearest daddy, David calls him? Pappu! How precious! We also hear that little Pappu was pretty darn naughty as a child, looks like he’s still got that prankster streak in him!

8. Varun Dhawan is a HUGE Sachin Tendulkar fan, they even have the same birthday! He was totally star-struck when he met the talented cricketer for the first time and of course, couldn’t pass up a photo-op! Varun is also known to be a huge Salman Khan and Govinda fan which is evident in how many times he’s seen shirtless and taking part in mischievous antics in his films.

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