Posted on February 3, 2015 at 10:40 pm

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Why Alia feels criticism is important!

In a recent interview when actress Alia Bhatt was complimented about her success in Bollywood in just a short span of three years in the industry, being modest the actress replied saying that she has a long way to go. And success apart, when it comes to criticism she feels that it’s important too in life because if “there’s no negativity then it means I’m too boring”.


alia bhatt

“I’m constantly telling myself that have a long way to go, and hence I get to learn and experience a lot more, it’s always nice to get praise for my work, but it also makes me scared. I’m cherophobic (fearful of happiness), and I remember when ‘2 States’ collected Rs 100 crore at the box-office, I didn’t show much excitement… I feel bad about the nasty comments, but then I have any way of channeling it. For example, I know the AIB boys very well, and when they asked me to do the ‘Genius Of The Year’ video (a comedy short that was the king of all ‘Alia is dumb’ jokes) I said ‘Let’s do it’. I also tell myself that if there is no negativity then it means I’m too boring,” said Alia.

Talking about positivity and growing as a person, the actress further said that on the professional front she is currently into designing and would soon work on her own music album too!

“As a part of the additional performance (apart from acting), I have started my clothing line and I’m designing handbags… I see myself making music album too as I’m really passionate about singing,”

she added. Here’s wishing the petite actress more success.

Well we hope she does more films this year – especially after her great success in 2014!


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