Posted on February 7, 2015 at 12:00 am

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Valentine's Week Day 1 – Roses Tell A Lover's Tale

So it’s finally here! The day to profess your love, the day to make your feelings known and the day to let to do the roses do the talking. Of all the roses given on this day, there is one which every girl hopes to receive from the man of her dreams. The red rose! In honor of Rose Day, UrbanAsian will show you how some of television’s hottest onscreen male leads gave roses to their on screen counter parts!

Rey – Kriya


Rey danced into Kriya heart with a rose of every color! Which one did she choose?

Abhay – Madhu


Abhay was always bold when it came to saying what’s on his mind. No wonder Madhu fell for him.

Sooraj – Sandhya


A dedicated husband, Sooraj always showers Sandhya with love!

Mayank – Nupur


It took Mayank ages to come around, but when he finally did he proved to be the best husband anyone could ever ask for.

Samrat – Gunjan


As a bet, as a joke but mostly from the heart, Samrat always made Gunjan feel special.

Purab – Bulbul


Purab sure does know how to woo his woman! No wonder Bulbul is so mad about him!

Raman – Ishita


Even Ravan Kumar knows how to romance his hot Madrasan!

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