Posted on February 1, 2015 at 8:46 pm

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Shahid Kapoor’s FilmFare instagram sleepy snap!

We all are selfie addicts! Yes you reading this – we know you have taken a selfie at some point in your life! We all have but now the next cool thing is taking selfies at award shows or even at a party or even in your room! Yes, sometimes we get bored and start posting selfies of ourselves that it truly becomes an addiction. Maybe even taking a sleeping selfie! Wait what’s a sleeping selfie? It’s a selfie which you get someone else to take while your asleep from a long night of partying or even working – in this case it’s just winning awards and a ton of partying!


Last night in Tinsel town – selfies were on the list and a few actors even took sleeping selfies! What is a sleeping selfie. Well it’s of someone who sleeps but someone else takes the selfie of them. The adorable and cute Shahid Kapoor seemed to be a bit tired after the award show. Why was he so tired – I mean who wouldn’t be sleepy after winning awards and even partying long hours in the night! We thought we would share this cute photo of him sleeping after the award show.

Drop us a snap of you or your friends if you ever caught your friends sleeping and ended up ‘instagramming’ the photo! #SleepySelfies!