Posted on February 24, 2015 at 1:48 am

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Ravish Desai talks ‘Satrangi Sasural'

The fans asked for it and we gave them an interview! #SatrangiSasural has been doing quite well and caught up with Ravish Desai who is playing Vihaan on the show as fans asked him a few questions! So fans here are your answers from Ravishing Ravish!

Did you feel when you first heard about the concept of #SatrangiSasural #AskRavish

It’s a unique concept never heard off on Indian television. A boy with seven mothers,a daughter in law having to deal with seven mother in-laws. This definitely means more Drama 😉

Is There Any Similarity Between Kunal And Vihaan? #AskRavish

Well Kunal and Vihaan are both extremely caring and loving characters. With family values and having personality traits that people can connect to in today’s times.

Which Quality Of Vihaan Do You Like Best? #AskRavish


His unbiased love towards all seven mothers.

How it feels to have a crazy fan base like yours? We seriously adore you as an actor and person.

Hahahah thank u…it feels great to be loved sooo Much. It’s Ur love that makes me push harder every single day.

What’s the benefit of having 7 mothers of varying origins and cultures? Lots of nice food?

Hahaha yeah that’s the only thing we do all day…EAT..Everyone has something different to offer and I get it all…;)

Would you choose someone like Aarushi as a potential in real life as well? #SatrangiSasural

Absolutely.. independent, responsible,caring ,loving, girl with extremely strong family values,a great friend/companion..U can’t ask for more 🙂

Was your old job as boring as black and white? #SatrangiSasural.
Well I’d only like to say I love what I do now!

Your female co-actors have been shorter than u so far. Would it bother you if your real lady-love was taller?

Not at all. There are great benefits in loving taller women 😉

Who are you closer to in real life? Your mum or your dad?

8 main Ladies and you are the only GentleMan.. Exciting? Feel a threat? What sort of experience is it?

I’m lovin it 😉

Please Share your experience about working with our lovely @Mugdha024 Di 🙂
Sweetest… Mugdha shall be my best ever..

Favourite Song At The Moment #AskRavish

Love u till the end…P.S I love u 🙂

Describe Vihaan In Three Words #SatrangiSasural #AskRavish

Charming, Humble and Righteous! 🙂