Posted on February 16, 2015 at 12:02 am

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Ish Just Got Real with Brown Boys Lost

It’s getting more real with “Brown Boy Lost.” Check out American Asian artist, Kaly’s latest track, “Brown Boy Lost.” Let us know what you think!

Brown Boy Lost” is the culmination of Kaly’s anger at being put in a box. Not just by outsiders, but by our own people as well. He feels that as Asians, we’re told that we don’t have anything to be proud of as brown people – to the outside world we are the shy, timid, little people that don’t bother anybody. Kaly says that we’ve been put in that box for so long that even we believe we can’t achieve anything greater. Elaborating further on his latest project, he said,

“This song is our superhero music. When you hear this come on I want you to scrunch up your face; I want you to feel like you’re looking down on the whole world. They used to tell me I was lost because I didn’t follow the path I was told to follow. Turns out I knew where I was going the whole time.”


Speaking about his future Kaly says, “I told you years ago that I wasn’t going to stop. And I haven’t gone back on my promise yet. I don’t aim to anytime soon.” Keep it locked for more!



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