Posted on January 6, 2015 at 1:57 am

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Will it be Brother Against Brother? – Humsafars

Sony TV’s Humsafars is all set to see an epic battle between two very loving brothers. While until today, Sahir (Harshad Chopda) was nurturing his carefree brother Zaki (Sehban Azim), he has now turned his back on Zaki.


Unable to bearing Zaki’s growing closeness to Aarzoo (Shivya Pathania), Sahir plans to have him married to Samaira. What Sahir does not know is that Zaki has already proposed to Aarzoo, who has asked him to give her time to think over the marriage proposal. Zaki also proves that as per the paternity test, he is not he father of Samaira’s child. From what audiences know, Aarzoo is distraught over Sahir’s deceit and finds comfort in Zaki as a friend. As per the newest montage, Zaki, Sahir and Aarzoo are all decked in wedding attire. Will Aarzoo accept his proposal? Will Sahir intervene? Who will take home the bride?

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