Posted on January 11, 2015 at 6:47 pm

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Shakti Kapoor strikes up a convo with androgynous males!

Dressed up as a lady for a shot, Shakti Kapoor had an animated discussion with a few effeminate males Shakti Kapoor, while shooting for the movie Mumbai Can Dance Saala, had an unique experience. Dressed up as a lady, he had an animated discussion with a few effeminate males.


They failed to recognize the veteran actor with the makeup and spoke to each other for a very long time. Now that’s pretty funny!

According to the sources, the scene required Shakti to shed his normal avatar and undergo metamorphosis. The makeup man was put on a mission by the MCDS makers to make him look like a woman. But, his body structure made it evident that he was a man in disguise. Looks like its a pretty good disguise!

So, in between shoot, Shakti got up to attend a call and waited outside for a while, when the androgynous males surrounded him. The veteran actor too, thought of it as a test and convinced himself to pull it off in front of them and began talking to them.

After discussing on various topics for sometime, the actor came back and said that he was ready for the next shot!

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