Posted on January 9, 2015 at 11:13 pm

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"Jee Karda" from Badlapur out now! Dhawan Injured while shooting it!

Getting hurt during shooting of movie is becoming common these days, though all kind of safety measures are taken during fighting and stunt scenes still injuries do happens. Still, our Bollywood actors tend to do their own action sequences which accounts for such accidents.  After all, Hollywood films tend to use stunt doubles!

The recent set-related injury occurred during the shooting of “Badlapur” directed by Shriram Raghavan. Lead actor, Varun Dhawan, got injured while shooting a stunt sequence for the song Jee Karda.

According to reports, while shooting for a particular sequence, Dhawan had to break 24 bottles on his body.  He had to perform the stunt himself, and ended up getting hurt! The crew suggested that Dhawan take some rest due to the injury as he was in a lot of pain.  Despite that, he refused to take rest and carried on with the shoot!

A source from the production team shared,

“Jee Karda is a track which keeps up the flavor of the film. It required Varun to behave in a brutal and vengeful way. Varun was severely hurt during the shooting of this song, but he kept going!”

Jee Karda has been making the right noise ever since the song audio has released and it has managed to become popular among the youth within no time!

Badlapur is all set to release on the 20th February 2015.

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