Posted on January 20, 2015 at 12:47 pm

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5 things Nargis Fakhri reveals to fans via her Twitter chat!

Actors rarely get to speak to fans via social media while shooting or traveling or even spending time with friends and family. One actress took the time to sit down out of her busy schedule and speak with her fans earlier today on Twitter! Taking time out from her busy schedule, the Bollywood hottie Nargis Fakhri decided to take on the social media world and partake in a live Twitter chat via #AskNargis. She engaged with her fans and answered questions resulting in the hashtag trending for a staggering six hours on Twitter with fans going crazy, just to get a chance to speak to their favorite star!

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As part of the chat, Nargis spoke about various topics – right from her latest international project – ‘Spy’, her experiences of working with the cast of the film etc. During this interactive session, we uncovered a few interesting facts about Nargis that hasn’t been shared before.

  1. Risk taker Nargis: The damsel from Queens, not knowing a word of Hindi, decided to take a leap of faith making a successful debut in Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar. Thrill seeker… risk taker… true daredevil is all we can say about this leggy lass!
  2. Stunt training: She trained very hard to pull off the much-spoken-about ‘knife fight’ between her and the queen of comedy – Melissa McCarthy. Time for all the evils to be on guard? We think so!
  3. Nargis “Hench” Fakhri: She plays the role of a ‘Henchman’ or in Nargis’ words a ‘Henchwoman’. Now that’s a role we haven’t seen her in before… Can’t wait!
  4. “Ahimsa Marg: For a believer of non violence in real life, she gets full marks for convincing us to be otherwise via the film’s trailer with the knife fight being true proof!
  5. Nobody doubles: Gutsy enough to do her own stunts, this woman knows how to kick ass! She’s acing it all the way.

Among many other facets she covered through this chat, the gorgeous actress praised her co-stars and shared her favorite scenes from the film. At the end, Nargis signed off giving her fans an assurance of another chat soon… Fans were elated to say the least. Until next time Nargis!

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