Posted on December 23, 2014 at 2:02 pm

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Zain's Latest Collaboration Takes You Down Memory Lane

Sensational artist ZAiN continues to show artistic growth and it so happens that his followers are growing in numbers with him too.


He has been busy finishing his latest dance single set for early 2015. However, we could not end the year silently. We managed to slot in some time at the prestigious Bowerman Studios near Fulham, London to film and record one mash up mix exclusively for Beatcircle Live Sessions. ZAiN made it a personal priority this year to hone in on his live vocal talent, practicing weekly with his guitarist Nick Childs, and together they musically created what D-Boy (Beatcircle) would describe as the best of both worlds in one single performance. Picked purely out of personal choice, the first of the two tracks is Sam Smith’s beautifully written single ‘Stay with me’ currently hitting almost 188 million views on YouTube. The second is Himesh Reshamiya’s ‘Tu Hi Tu’ sung by Mohd. Irfan from this year’s Salman Khan blockbuster ‘Kick’ZAiN adds:

“The reason why I have chosen to do these songs was very simple really, they were most played on my I-pod in 2014. They were and continue to be my favorite songs even today. At first, i learned and planned to sing both songs separately but during a jam session, out of nowhere, my guitarist Nick Childs decided to add one of the chords from the ‘Tu Hi Tu’ chorus to Sam Smith (Stay With Me) and it clicked! We decided to build on it even more, changed a few sections, but we think it worked. I really wanted to give my new fans something special for Christmas”

We wish everyone a Happy Xmas and New Year. We hope you take the time to listen and share our gift to you.

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