Posted on December 11, 2014 at 8:18 am

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Foreigners React to Indian Sex Problems by Culture Machine

There are some columns in newspapers that are always going to cause controversy, or at least, result in some interesting dialogue.  The sex advice column in a newspaper is definitely one such column.  For some, it is a source of helpful information, but for others, especially comedians, it is a place for humor due to some of the questions asked by the readers. One wouldn’t be surprised to find weird, funny and sometimes just plain stupid questions in these columns!

The latest video by Culture Machine and SnG Comedy called ‘Foreigners react to Indian Sex Problems’ showcases a collection of carefully chosen questions – all genuine and asked in the popular column of a leading newspaper in Mumbai – being read and answered by people all around the globe. It’s a hilarious video, which juxtaposes the inherent comic nature of weird sex queries with the cross-cultural understanding gaps. People from USA, Australia, Belgium and UK, among others, read the questions out loud and then proceed to providing recommendations. The advice given out, like the questions, are often weird and always comical.

Check out the video an let us know your thoughts!

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