Posted on December 25, 2014 at 1:32 pm

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Exclusive Video Premiere: Brooklyn Shanti's "She!"

We’ve got a wonderful gift for you all this Christmas! We’ve got the exclusive music video release of Brooklyn Shanti’s “She!” Brooklyn Shanti’s “She” is the latest single from his current album, Bedstuyle. 

When it came time to create a video he asked director, Vishesh Sharma, to collaborate with him on a piece which would both be intimate and raw, explaining that it was one of the songs on the album which best related to where he is as an artist today. With that in mind, Sharma filmed the performance in Shanti’s living room where the viewer sees Shanti performing his heartfelt song as a series of “moving portraits”. The resulting visual piece is as captivating and beautiful as the song.

Bedstuyle is available on iTunes now, check it out! You can even check out the deluxe version of the album is available directly from the artist’s Bandcamp!

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