Posted on November 12, 2014 at 10:52 pm

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"This is bullshit, I have loved working with SRK whenever I have" says Saif Ali Khan

The media has been buzzing over the quote of Saif Ali Khan where he clearly states that he doesn’t want to work with Shah Rukh Khan, not because of any animosity but because he doesn’t want to share a screen with another big star. Saif Ali Khan believes he’s proved himself to be main lead material instead of just another side role. Saif has worked hard to create his own mark in Bollywood and deserves the attention as a lead but this statement has been blown out of proportion upsetting the Chote Nawab.


“I’m upset at the reporting of this as I have a lot of respect for SRK..I have worked with him and I know what his contribution is, invaluable!”

In response to all the media frenzy pitting Saif against Shah Rukh, Saif has released another statement to calm these wild rumors because he does have a good relationship with the King Khan.

“This is bullshit! I have loved working with SRK whenever I have…Filmfare awards hosting, Kal Ho Na Ho, temptations tours, Seagrams ad! He is an amazing guy and he was also one of the few people at my wedding from the industry. I look up to him and he had influenced a lot of my thoughts on set. What I meant was I don’t see myself doing a film with him unless I have a really interesting role and most of the films he does revolve around him..and rightly so!”

This is all a fuss about nothing, Saif Ali Khan is a talented star and he has proved his skills as a versatile actor (although the fun-loving jokester is the role we love him best in!). He can pull the weight of a lead role and doesn’t need to be a secondary star, that was all he was trying to say! Drama aside, we love King Khan and Chote Nawab together, hopefully these Royal Khans can find a film that pleases the both of them so they can re-create that Kal Ho Na Ho chemistry!