Posted on November 29, 2014 at 9:39 pm

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#SidSessions for a cause

The gorgeous Sid Mallya (an American aspiring actor who was raised primarily in Britain) has been busy releasing some YouTube episodes called #SidSessions.  He released the first one a month ago, followed by Episode 2 that released a couple weeks ago.  Now, he’s back with Episode 3, where he dials up his unabashed self expression!  He’s used this third episode to a bit of charity work as well and is using it to raise funds for the “Coming Out” booklet by the LGBT publisher Queer Ink that will be created to educate India about sexual diversity by answering questions about sexual and gender diversities in India. Each view received by the episode ensures a certain contribution to the cause, thus making this a worthy initiative for Sid. Queer Ink is India is a lesbian-owned publisher focused on developing quality literature on LGBT India.

These days, rumors are always swirling about actors sexual orientation.  Putting these rumors to rest Sid Mallya openly and categorically states his sexual orientation – he’s straight! – in response to the questions asked via social media. He dedicates an entire episode to just this matter.  He preaches that one should be accepting of others.  He displays his appreciation for the gay community and his unapologetic outspokenness.

Speaking about his newest episode and attaching a cause to the views of his show, Sid says,

“I’ve always been a big believer in being yourself in life and not worrying what others think. My best friend happens to be gay and I remember how difficult it was for him to come out, and that was in the UK which is generally quite an accepting place! I can only imagine the difficulties for people over here where narrow mindedness is still widely prevalent. By taking this initiative I hope we can help people become more accepting in life.”

It’s wonderful to see an artist use their fame as a platform to spread the message of tolerance.  Congrats Sid!

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