Posted on November 13, 2014 at 9:13 pm

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Sangram Singh talks soaps and ‘Yeh Mohabetin Hain'

Not too long ago we had the chance to speak to Panjabi actor Sangram Singh he plays a lead role in one of the most popular hit TV soap shows ‘Yeh Mohabetin Hain’.  An actor who stands tall and by that mean taller than anyone we know and plays a negative lead role with his character name Ashok Khanna. We had a chance to speak to Sangram Singh about the success of YMH and how his journey has been so far playing a negative role on Star Plus.

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Congrats on all the success with YMH first of all – how has the feedback been on your negative role?

Thank you so much…well ive always loved playing negative roles for the fact that there is a lot to character in YHM #Ashok Khanna has landed alot of i suppose m doing the right thing as far as my character is concerned!

How did you land the role for YMH to play one of the lead negative role characters?

One fine day I got a call from one of the casting reps at Bajali , they explained the character to me and I went for the audition. I was quite surprised to get the role because I thought my audition wasn’t up to the mark, but then Ekta Kapoor saw it and loved it – and that’s how I became a daily TV Soap Actor.

Did you always have a passion to go into TV?

No, for the longest time I had my doubts in getting into TV but times have changed now and with reference to film actors doing things on TV and VICE Versa, I am happy that I am doing a show like YMH.A SHOW LIKE YHM

You also have done a few Panjabi films in the past any upcoming projects we should know about?

My third Punjabi movie, ‘CONTROL BHAJI CONTROL’ released back on 22nd August, other than that I’m preparing for an action movie which will probably start in November 2014.

We hear you love working out – is that what you do when your not shooting?

That’s correct but since I’ve started working on YHM my gyming has taken a back seat because of the strenuous working hours. Having said that, I am going to start working out again. I should be able to send you some progression pictures by December (haha!)

What does Sangram enjoy doing when not on set?

Nowadays I love to catch up on my sleep and watch movies when I’m not shooting.

What’s your one biggest pet peeve?

It would be people who talk a lot and don’t make sense at all.

What sports do you enjoy doing?

All! Just take me outdoors!

Ferrari or Lambo?

Neither…Ford Mustang

Chocolate or Vanilla?


What’s your one annoying habit?

I love the way I am, no annoying habits.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?

One fan sent an LV belt and 3 top of the line perfumes and a letter written in blood. I used the perfumes but the belt is lying as it is, maybe because I’m not a brand digger.

 If not an actor what would you be doing?

I would have been a business man like my father

Favorite Cusine?

Homemade chicken curry and rice.

Lastly where can fans follow and see your stuff via social media?

I’m not much of a techie but I do have an Instagram and a Facebook account. I’ve always believed that if people want to find me they will find me anyhow. I am not the type to keep updating his every little step.


We’d like to thank Sangram Singh for his time and an awesome interview! Don’t forget to catch this villain on Yeh Hai Mohabatein tonight!

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