Posted on November 6, 2014 at 11:56 am

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Parineeti Chopra APOLOGIZES about sexual harassment prank on Bigg Boss

It’s no surprise that Bigg Boss is bound to have a ton of drama and a ton of harassment’s that are on the show. With everything going on in India on the topic ‘rape’, and sexual harassment you would think the actors and celebrites of India would have learned that this topic is super sensitive. Recently, Bigg Boss had an incident on a prank which caused a riot on social media.


Ali Zafar, Parineeti Chopra, and Ranveer Singh during the promotions for Kill Dil on Bigg Boss. (Image Courtesy - Bigg Boss)


“In every reality show you’re given a script. You are told what you have to do so you have to go with the makers,”

admitted Parineeti Chopra in the media, about her sexual harassment prank on Bigg Boss.

Ali Zafar, Salman Khan, Parineeti Chopra, Govinda and Ranveer Singh during the promotions for Kill Dil on Bigg Boss. (Image Courtesy - Bigg Boss)



Blaming the creative team of the channel for her moves, she apologized for being insensitive.

 “The intention was never to hurt sentiments or trivialize the matter of inappropriate behaviour towards women. We apologise to those who got hurt, but maintain that this was a prank, and should not be taken so seriously,” she said.

It can be recalled that Bigg Boss participant Sonali Raut had accused Ali Quli Mirza of sexual harassment, when he slid his hand under the rug to feel her leg one night, as she lay on the bed, chatting up with Upen Patel on Bigg Boss.

Sonali who pushed Ali away, said she could have slapped or hit him for inappropriately touching her without her consent. It became a serious issue and Ali lost his captaincy in Bigg Boss and was nominated for next week’s eviction on the show by the Boss himself.


Sonali Raut in Bigg Boss (Image Courtesy - Bigg Boss)

But when Parneeti Chopra came to Bigg Boss for movie promotions with Ranveer Singh, Pakistani actor Ali Zafar and Govinda for Kill Dil, surprisingly the issue was mocked at in Govinda’s presence with Salman Khan. A drama ensued between Parineeti and Ali Quli Mirza, where the actress, in jest, blamed Ali for touching her inappropriately.

“Celebrities go a long way in influencing and shaping the fabric of society, so utmost sensitivity is essential in such matters,”

says Sonali’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar. Coincidently, Dale is the same PR specialist who has handled the media for Govinda as well as for Parineeti’s cousin Priyanka Chopra during her initial years in Bollywood.

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