Posted on November 28, 2014 at 2:21 am

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Make Love not War, at least try!

India is a free country and the citizens have the freedom to express their feelings openly. Although, the recent Kiss of Love controversy that took the nation by storm does not really imply that. We live in a society where violence happens in broad daylight but two friends of the opposite sex can’t hug each other? While the issue is being addressed, there is a need to find a solution. For this, our thinking has to change first. Someone has to start, and Being Indian is doing exactly that. Based on the recent controversy Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company has released their latest video which is called Kis Ka Problem Hai.


The video highlights this issue that our society shies away from. We can do all sorts of wrong activities and get away with it unnoticed but something as simple and natural as a hug or a kiss in public is a matter of concern and viewed as morally wrong. The video hilariously draws comparisons between the civic wrong-doings of people with an act of public display of affection. It just goes to say that in a country like ours, polluting the city is acceptable and so is child labor but soothing a friend in the public by holding his/her hand is not tolerated. The video has been created to go beyond just entertainment by aiming to spread a social message and awaken people through the means of humor.


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