Posted on November 4, 2014 at 1:29 pm

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Leaked: Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen’s passionate love making!

Leaked Alert: Ladies, girls, women, young and old we have something special for you! What is that, you may ask? Well we have the leaked footage from Randeep Hooda’s next Rang Rasiya. Yup, the same film where Randeep features as the painter Raja Ravi Varma! This drool worthy footage shows just what all of us have been thinking- the raw passionate love-making between the sexy Randeep and the gorgeous Nandana.

No holds barred, is it? Guess we now know why the film didn’t release for 6 years! A little birdy tells us, the footage is part of the Kahe Sataye song where Randeep and Nandana were very comfortable shooting for it…….ahem ahem. Get a peek of this leaked footage below.

One thing is for sure, Director Ketan Mehta’ Rang Rasiya is already grabbing everyone’s attention and how!

Incidentally, Randeep has gone on record to say that Rang Rasiya is a landmark film and he has worked very hard for it…hmmmm that we can see, from the looks of it the pair were enjoying each other’s company, completely covered in paint…….requires a lot of hard work no?…what say guys!


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