Posted on November 26, 2014 at 4:47 am

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JC Sona ft Noordeep Lally – Gal Sun

JC Sona recently returned to the music seen with “Nakhro.” The song immediately got plays across the board from BBC Asian Network to the hit British soap, Eastenders. After a break of a few years, one could only have dreamed of such a response to his return! Having hit the ground running JC Sona’s not letting up. The classic one-two punch – JC is set to follow up Nakhro with a second devastating blow, “Gal Sun” (purchase on iTunes here). The track is sure to be a big track for both bhangra and electro lovers. With boundless devotion and enthusiasm for production, JC Sona has spent his sabbatical ruminating over ideas. What comes now is not the product of conveyor-belt mass production, but an unrelenting creative mind back on its home turf.

Flitting from one genre to another (from hip-hop to dubstep) may not be the norm, but JC’s creativity knows no bounds. It all seems a little cliché, but JC’s not back for wealth or fame. The time’s come for JC to truly express himself through his music and not feel shackled by the pressures of the industry to only focus on money. In this new re-launch of his name and brand, it is all about being a renegade and listening to his own creative soul – from hip-hop to dubstep, or house to ragga… of course never straying too far from the roots of the Punjab.

Gal Sun” is a far cry from the style of JC Sona’s highly acclaimed back-catalog of releases. JC melds the fundamentals of raw desi vocals, dholaks and tumbis with nasty dubstep beats, making “Gal Sun” a widely accessible club song. Whether it’s the grimy dubstep breakdowns or Noordeep Lally’s classical Punjabi flavor, “Gal Sun” has the JC Sona touch that guarantees dance floor devastation. Ominous basslines grumble beneath the raw vocals throughout suspense-filled breakdowns; JC shrewdly planning the perfect moment to pounce and drop the dubstep, creating an absolute ruckus!

His next track “Day N Age” continues to show case new sides to JC.  The song sees JC collaborate once again with Tino Attillia from the song “Nakhro” and up and coming artist Naide. JC might just be a bit of a microphone fiend too.

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