Posted on November 12, 2014 at 1:22 pm

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Anita Lerche's Sadke Punjab Ton!

Anita Lerche who has welcome a culture and now as an ambassador she is known as the voice of Punjab has just released her second Punjabi Album “SADKE PUNJAB TON”

Sadke Punjab Ton CoverHer Album “SADKE PUNJAB TON” chronicles all her life experiences with the help from her respected teacher, very talented lyricists, and well dedicated producers. In her album each of her songs tell a tale and her special connection to music on a deep level.

“This album highlights the cultural diversity of India and portrays
my love for the country,” Anita shares.

Anita’s journey portrays her love and life in Punjab, and her beautiful voice,words also her music weaves a tapestry that will make listeners feel and the true fragrance on Punjab.

Be sure to check out this beautiful song by the talented Anita Lerche.


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