Posted on November 22, 2014 at 8:21 pm

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'A Biopic on Late Yash Chopra to happen soon' says Pamela Chopra!

Looks like we will get to experience the legendary Yash Chopra work very soon! In a recent media interaction, the late filmmaker Yash Chopra’s widow Pamela Chopra revealed that she is planning to make a biopic on his life sometime in the near future! It’s noted that many biopics are now being made on iconic names like Milkha Singh, M.C. Mary Kom, Kishore Kumar and Dara Singh.

When Pamela Chopra was asked about her plans to have a biopic on the life of her late husband, she replied saying,

“A biopic on him (Yash Chopra)? Yes, we are thinking about it… It has not been decided yet but I am sure at some stage we will make a biopic.”

Looks like we will get to see how the two of them fell in love and raised such great children! This one we can’t wait to see! A Yash Chopra film all about him! We might just fall in love once again with his work and end up watching all the films he made which made all of us fall in love!

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