Posted on October 20, 2014 at 12:12 am

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The Chumbak Expressions on Facebook!

So if you haven’t noticed – a few more stickers have been added to the ‘Chumbak’ expressions on Facebook! As Diwali is coming up this week a ‘Happy Diwali’ sticker was added to the Sticker Store! Pretty cool!

So get ready Facebook-ers, enjoy the sticker apps because they will make you laugh! From Best Friends Forever to Happy Diwali to stickers that ask you ‘Wanna Fraandship’ to getting your friend’s attention and say ‘OYE’. Or for the ones who are major ‘Bollywood’ fans like us, ‘Full On Bollywood.’ They are just super cute to use when talking to your friends on Facebook Chat!

So go on what are you waiting for? Check-out ‘The Chumbak Expressions’ on Facebook!

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