Posted on October 31, 2014 at 1:55 am

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Tanishaa is not afraid to ‘Go Pink’

Tanishaa Mukerji took a step in the philanthropic direction with her latest initiative, ‘Go Pink’. She launched this initiative in support of the fight against breast cancer.

Tanishaa decided to take to the social network in order to garner support for this cause. Throughout the week, she shared facts on her page about breast cancer in an attempt to create awareness about this deadly disease. She believes that educating people about breast cancer is the most important step towards fighting the disease effectively. Tanishaa encouraged people to get tested for breast cancer since the fear of having cancer, especially of this kind, is one of the primary reasons for people to refrain from going for the test. 


“We must all do what we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this disease. The first step toward it is to create awareness and educate people about breast cancer. I too had my first Breast Cancer test at 23 as my grandmother & my aunt had cancer. So you must be aware & get your tests done!” Tanishaa adds.

Constantly in touch with her fans on social media, she is even invited them to send her their pictures while wearing something pink in support of the ‘Go Pink’ Campaign. To encourage them, she donned something in pink everyday too!

The actress is also showed support to the Prashanti Cancer Care Mission’s Food Bank. This initiative aimed at providing basic amenities to poor cancer patients in order to help them maintain at least the minimum levels of nutrition and hygiene that is required especially while undergoing treatment to cure cancer.

The actress-turned-producer has a strong determination and the never-say-never spirit it takes to contribute significantly to the fight against a disease as lethal as cancer. In a country where the female body is still considered taboo, she believes that the fear shouldn’t stop a woman from caring about her own body. Tanishaa is among the first female celebrities to have initiated a full-fledged campaign to bring the topic out in the open this Cancer Awareness Month.

To support this initiative, click here!

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