Posted on October 29, 2014 at 1:29 pm

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Shraddha Kapoor launches her Facebook page!

Actors are finally joining the social media world and not just Twitter but other websites as well. One actress who is already a ‘Twitter’ expert has finally decided to get on the bandwagon with FaceBasking in the glory of her recent release, Haider, Shraddha Kapoor\is one happy girl. Many fans and followers reached out to the dainty actress over Twitter to appreciate her performance and the film.  With compliments pouring in from fellow colleagues in the industry and critics about her matured performance to fans exclaiming of how they have ‘love-ed’ her performance, Shraddha has captured the hearts of all.

Check out her page here!

Some fans said,

“Shraddha Kapoor, blessed with the most expressive eyes, oozes earnestness as Arshia” to “Shraddha Kapoor pitches in a surprisingly mature and nuanced act” the fans haven’t stopped raving about the pretty actress. Overwhelmed with the response and the number of people reaching out to her, Shraddha has decided to extend her social presence.


Actress Shraddha Kapoor joins the Bollywood bandwagon on Facebook. The actress has launched her Facebook page to extend her social presence and interact better with fans. Shraddha quoted,

“The digital universe is constantly evolving and more and more people want to connect. We all have loved Facebook as a medium to connect and almost all of us are checking our FB notifications time and again, it was high time I took up to it! And here I am, happy to be on Facebook.”

With the phenomenal success of Haider, this is the best time for the young actress to connect with her fans! Shraddha will now connect with her fans on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Can’t wait to see the latest updates from this gorgeous actress!

Check out her page here!



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