Posted on October 31, 2014 at 10:20 pm

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#Seetherealme with Clean and Clear Times Fresh Face Campaign!

We are all equal, we are all one, we all have a purpose in life to achieve. As many get judge of how they look, or what they do and how they act we should remember that everyone is unique in there own way. A few months ago we wrote an article about ‘Clean and Clear seen here.

Since time immemorial girls have the fear of being judged today, they tend to hold themselves back because they fear being called names or not accepted. Well we should all be accepted no matter how you look, act and how you dress. That is why they constantly try to fit into stereotypical moulds. Is this the society many of us want to live in? Well one campaign has been making major buzz and inspiring teenagers to break away from this tradition. J&J along with Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company have created their latest video called Clean and Clear Times Fresh Face 2014! 

This beautifully crafted video aims at inspiring every young girl to be courageous, to be herself. It has been made with the belief that true happiness comes when you let go of your inhibitions and show your real self. The video features three girls who were participants in the Clean & Clear® Times Fresh Face 2013 contest. These girls reassure other girls like them with their stories, their journeys of discovering themselves without letting others or their fears pull them down. They send out the message to every girl to shine and smile always. Clean & Clear® Times Fresh Face 2014 offers a platform which to college girls to express themselves and get a chance to be the face of Clean & Clear®.



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