Posted on October 19, 2014 at 3:13 am

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Prita Chhabra gets "Stronger"

Prita Chhabra has definitely made quite a name for herself in the world of music.  Based in Canada, her pop sound has become popular world over.  Following its award-winning premiere at the 2014 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival in Melbourne, FL, Prita has introduced the music video for her latest single, “Stronger,” to her fans online.  “Stronger” was the official selection of the 2014 Melbourne Independent Filmmaker Festival and winner of “Best Music Video“, “The Robert W. Kurrus Humanitarian Award” and “Director’s Choice for Best Film,” which is voted on by the festival’s selected filmmakers.  .

The video features the music and performance of international recording artist Prita Chhabra, who was at the film festival along with its celebrated director, Steven Shea of Abyssmal Entertainment.  The video features a desi vibe that adds to the beauty of the song, and was a collaboration with the local Indian community of Brevard County whose choreographed dancing is seen annually at Indiafest in Melbourne, Florida.  Shea incorporated many of the dancers into the video to give it a Bollywood style. The fabulous opening celebration of the new Manav Mandir temple in Suntree featured heavily in the imagery of the video, as well.

Regarding the concept, director, Steven Shea, explained,

“The whole experience was incredibly humbling. To produce a video starring an incredibly warm and loving community and be immersed in a culture, which I’ve never experienced, was fantastic. Then to have that video be recognized and rewarded by your peers at the film festival, well it doesn’t get much better then that. Hopefully, this video can continue to educate and inspire the South Asian community and everyone else.”

Prita Chhabra continued,

“It was an honor working with producer Terry Cronin and director Steven Shea on this project. I feel blessed to have met two amazing individuals who have such a passion for Indian culture and for my music. I am equally thankful to the Melbourne community and the members of the Manav Mandir temple for coming out and participating in this project. Everyone brought their own stories and talents to this video and that is what really made this project shine in its own unique way. The video has given my song a new face and new meaning: We are all connected, and when we collaborate together, we are all stronger. It is possible to unite regardless of our cultural or religious beliefs and form a global community. This community effort resulted in a larger than life result and it became bigger than anything I think any of us had envisioned. I hope to continue to be involved with music and projects that inspire many young girls, especially south Asians to follow their dreams, and I hope they dream even bigger for themselves.”

You can purchase this track on iTunes.  Be sure to follow Prita on Facebook and Twitter.

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