Posted on October 21, 2014 at 1:40 am

What's Happenin'

Now this is what you call a Diwali bonus!

Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres may be the queens of gifts here in the US, but a diamond merchant from Surat in India may have proven that he is the king!  Surat-based diamond firm Hari Krishna Exports has just given Rs 4 lakh each to 1,268 employees, including cleaning staff, to buy cars, flats and jewelry.  This amazing Diwali Bonus is on top of their annual Diwali bonus!  The total cost to the company for these additional gifts is over Rs 50 crore!  He provided 200 homes and 491 cars for his employees on Diwali!

A diamond company gives cars as Diwali bonus

Hari Krishna Exports Chairman and Managing Director Savaji Dholakia explained,

“Besides Diwali bonus, which is given to all employees, we have been running a program to reward loyal, hardworking and dedicated staff.  After one-year of evaluation of their performance, we have selected 1,268 such employees!”

He further stated that,

“We have allotted Rs.4 lakh to each of these employees, which comes to around Rs.50 crore. It was left to them to choose which gift they want. For example, those who had a car and a flat, opted for jewelry. This will boost their morale and encourage them and others to work hard!”

Lakshmi surely is smiling down upon this company’s employees!  What a wonderful gift to deserving employees!  If only all employers were that caring and generous towards their staff!  Hats off to Hari Krishna Exports!

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