Posted on October 12, 2014 at 3:50 am

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Meet The Quintessential Indian Husband!

Wives in India are usually touted as peculiar, confused etc. Something that conveniently gets ignored in our male chauvinistic society is the weirdness of the classic Indian Husband. The latest addition by Being Indian to their super hit series is Every Indian husband in the World’ It the perfect portrayal of the perfect Indian husband that we find in every family in the country.

This uproariously knit video by Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company is a perfect pre-wedding gift for all the bachelors who dream of living ‘happily’ ever after.’  From fooling their wives to getting terrified by their mother-in-law’s visits, the artist in the video is the mirror image of all Indian men. This video is a treat to watch for all Indian wives out there who still believe in the Pati-Parmeshwar concept.  Take a look!

Is your ‘perfect’ husband like this as well?