Posted on October 5, 2014 at 8:41 pm

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Look Beyond Looks and #seetherealme!

We all remember that sweet friend from school whom everyone used to call ‘fatty’ because she loved eating burgers and was a few kilos extra. No one ever appreciated her wonderful painting skills or the poems she wrote. Perceiving a girl from her outer looks is something people just cannot stop doing. It is not her overweight body or short height but the talents she has within herself. In India a girl is rejected by a prospective groom because of her dark complexion and is thus touted as ‘ominous’. Something that everybody conveniently ignores is that she might be an amazing human being. Through this beautiful video Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company send out that message loud and clear. They strongly put across the fact that Beauty is not just Skin Deep.

This powerful video is the answer to all those prejudiced minds that unfortunately still dwell amongst us. It tells us to look beyond the nicknames we give based on physical features and urge other to look beyond what their eyes can see. It features a bunch of pretty happy faces that are very subtly telling the society that they won’t accept names given to them on the basis of their appearances anymore. Through this extremely impactful 50 seconds video, the ladies shout out to the world that they will be open to people judging them only after knowing their real self. #seetherealme is what they want to say to all the detractors out there. This video is an honest effort to not let the women be the butt of all negative criticism just because they are the residents of an opinionated world.



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