Posted on October 24, 2014 at 11:33 pm

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Jay Sean leaves Cash Money Records and gets ready to drop Mistress II!

The British Asian artist that began his music career with spiky hair and too cool swagger, instantly won over the hearts of millions when he was launched with Rishi Rich’s “The Rishi Rich Project.” Today Jay Sean’s talents have brought him fame not only in the UK but all over the world and it wasn’t long before the head executives of Cash Money Records saw potential in the singer. It seems now that Jay Sean and Cash Money are parting ways, Jay Sean is leaving the label! Jay will independently release his next mixtape, Mistress II in November featuring his latest release, “Tears in the Ocean.”

The split however seems amicable, Sean only had kind words for their hand in his international success and thanks the entire Cash Money crew for always believing in his dreams. Artistically Jay Sean wants to take a different direction with his music because he feels by searching for “pop success” he lost sight of why he got into music. Sean wants to head back to his roots with Mistress II and his new track “Tears in the Ocean” which he co-wrote with Jared Cotter, the music video was shot by Sean’s brother, Naroop and produced by his wife Thara. Jared Cotter and Jay Sean have been long time friends and partners in crime, the duo have written many hits together and we’re sure with these two back in the studio we’ll hear more of the old school soulful R&B singing Jay Sean we originally fell in love with. Speaking about returning to his roots, Jay Sean told,

“When Sade drops a new album, you know she’s not going to be suddenly singing over a EDM beat produced by the hottest DJ at the time or jumpin’ on the bandwagon of what the latest ‘sound’ is.’ You should be able to do you,” he adds. “That’s what differentiates an artist from a singer.”


We’re glad we’ll be hearing more of the old  Jay Sean, What about you guys? Keep it locked for more updates!

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