Posted on October 20, 2014 at 1:01 pm

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Jasmine Sandlas Sings ‘Mombatti’

From the Urban music scene to Bollywood, Jasmine Sandlas has a voice that is transcending genres and borders. Her latest musical contribution is the song “Mombatti” from the upcoming Pakistani film Hotal, directed and written by Khalid Hassan Khan.

“Mombatti” finds itself in a psycho-thriller said to introduce a new level of creativity to Lollywood (Pakistani Film Industry). Discussing the new track that she has sung and penned, Jasmine Sandlas says,

“It was a challenge for me to write a song in Punjabi that captured the sensual emotions of romance and intimacy simultaneously. It is a pleasure to collaborate with talented entrepreneurs like Mr. Khalid Hasan Khan. I wish him the best of luck for his movie [Hotal]. I can’t wait till the fans hear Mombatti.”

Jasmine Sandlas is constantly reinventing herself as an artist and continues to surprise fans with her music.  “Mombatti” reveals a new side to Sandlas just scratching the surface of her artistic ability. Khan describes  “Mombatti” as “The Emancipation Proclamation of Romance for the women of 21st century by an innocent heart.”

Hotal, due out later this year, is an independently produced thriller by Khalid Hassan Khan. Despite its early recognition primarily in the Pakistani community, Hotal is a film for the masses. The movie’s Western influences within the filmmaking is set to establish a new standard within Lollywood.

While “Mombatti”may be Jasmine Sandlas’ first contribution to Pakistani cinema, it is not the first we are hearing from her. She made waves with “Muskan” in 2008. Jasmine Sandlas released her second album Gulabi in 2012 with Sony Music, produced by Bohemia.

The Gulabi Queen connected with fans, new and old, and let her music infiltrate the Punjabi scene. It was a matter of time before the mainstream Indian music scene took notice connecting Jasmine Sandlas with producer and artist Yo Yo Honey Singh. This collaboration resulted in “Yaar Naa Miley” from the Salman Khan starrer Kick. Her debut in Bollywood received worldwide recognition as it topped music charts.

Now independently working on her next album and projects that inspire her, Jasmine Sandlas is a mainstream Desi talent who is creating a space for the female Urban talent. “Mombatti” will be released Diwali eve and continues Jasmine Sandlas’ musical journey.

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