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How 'KICKS’ Digital Team ‘Kicked’ in some numbers!

Behind every film is a marketing and digital team that helps create a better brand for the film. In today’s world of cinema and films – these teams are needed as the concept of the film is not only about the script but about the brand of the film. This includes gaming, online media, games online and even video games. The famous Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Randeep Hooda & Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer movie ‘Kick’, received an amazing response for its innovative and creative digital strategy handled by Everymedia Technologies. The campaign had three major innovations as part of the campaign – Google Maps based app, online and offline poster activity and a digital treasure hunt called ‘Hunt for the Devil’.



The objective of the campaign was to position the movie as the ‘must watch’ of the year by building on the existing chemistry of the lead pair and positioning Salman Khan as the ultimate romantic, comedy and action hero. Apart from the chemistry between the lead pair, the campaign focused on the action, songs and dialogues from the movie. The movie succeeded in garnering 2,585,854 likes on the Facebook page and close to 25,456 followers on Twitter, within a span of 3 months! Pretty impressive. So as you can see without this team the brand would never go above and beyond as it not only reaches fans of Bollywood but fans who enjoy playing film games, online film games and even films that have launched apps! How cool would it be to have an app and have ‘Salman Khan’ as one of your avatars where you were playing him and doing the same scenes he did on KICK digitally? It allows the user to be more interactive with the app or the online game.


The campaign kicked off with the poster launch, where users were given the opportunity to get an exclusive look at the poster by going to one of three hidden locations. These locations were revealed one by one to the fans where they were encouraged to go to these locations and find the posters. A Facebook app was created for this activity, hosting a Google Map interface. The activity was boosted with digital PR, and created a large amount of excitement with fans thronging the selected locations.


The trailer launch was divided into two phases – pre-trailer and the main trailer launch. As a build-up to the trailer launch, the above mentioned poster was revealed. Pre-Launch contest was run on Twitter to build anticipation. Various hashtags counting down to the trailer trended on Twitter each day, along with other hashtags like #WhosTheDevil. Due to the massive amount of anticipation for the trailer, #KickTrailerOn15, #KickTrailerDay trended even before the launch of the trailer. As soon as the trailer was launched, a hashtag was introduced called #MindBlowingKickTrailer during the live tweeting of the event, which trended almost instantly due to the positive response.


Song Launches – 100 female fans got a chance to be a part of the launch event for the first song of the movie – Jumme Ki Raat. A contest was conducted around #JummeKiRaatTomorrow, which trended all day before the launch. The contest was promoted on Facebook as well. After the massive response to the first song, the build up to the second song, DEVIL was done by releasing an exclusive image. The audio version of the song was released to create further excitement, as it was the first song from the movie that was sung by Salman himself. Since the movie revolves around Devi-turned-Devil and the heist he pulls off, a digital treasure hunt for DEVIL was conducted as part of the song launch.

Throughout the day, various clues were put out, leading fans from the movie’s properties to Nadiadwala Grandsons’ to Nargis Fakhri’s to UTV Motion Pictures to Jacqueline’s to Salman’s and finally back to Kick’s pages in this hunt. Select winners were given a chance to attend the song launch event with Salman Khan & Nargis Fakhri, which was live tweeted from the movie’s Twitter handle.


Another interesting activity was ‘Ride with the Devil’. It was an online/offline integrated activity to promote an innovative standee of the movie’s poster, where users could pose with the hybrid bike that Salman’s character rides in the movie. Fans were encouraged to click pictures with the standee and share. For users who didn’t have such a poster in their city, an online app was created where users could virtually add their picture to the movie’s poster and generate a result. Some of the best entries were featured in a dedicated Facebook album with over 100 entries.


Salman’s solo poster launch was carried out with a build up activity before releasing the same to create an increased amount of anticipation. The poster was divided into various jigsaw shaped pieces, and pieces were released one at a time. Users were encouraged to tweet to unlock the next piece, with tweets receiving over 750 retweets. #KickTheGame was also launched where the build up to the launch of the game was done using various creatives. The cast launched the game at an offline event that was live tweeted. The game was featured in the top 5 most downloaded games on AndroidTo increase anticipation for the movie during the release week and to ensure everyone was aware of its upcoming release, a Twitter contest was conducted around #CantWaitForKick, where winners were given a chance to meet Salman Khan & Jacqueline Fernandez. The hashtag trended on Twitter. Throughout the entire campaign, the activities were promoted and supported with digital PR at each and every step and post releases on reviews of the movie.


The result was a total digital value created by the campaign of almost 100.6 crores, with 75 crores coming in from Twitter itself and 186,136 clicks on the booking links. Hashtags that trended during the entire campaign were #GetYourKick, #WhosTheDevil, #5DaysForKickTrailer, #4DaysForKickTrailer, #KickFeverOnBOCapsule, #2DaysForKickTrailer, #DevilIsComingOn15, #KickTrailerOn15, #KickTrailerDay, #MindBlowingKickTrailer, #JummeKiRaatTomorrow, #JummeKiRaat, #HangoverWithSalman, #MagicOfHangover, #PartyWithDevil, #SalmansKICKIn8Days, #CantWaitForKick and #4thWeekKICKingStrong.

So if you are launching a film, weather it be a short or feature film, remember it’s not just about the film but also about expanding the brand and the interaction with the audience. Congrats to EM on this project! 

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