Posted on October 14, 2014 at 12:12 am

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Five reasons to watch 'Jigariyaa'!

Upcoming romantic film Jigariyaa which isinspired from a true story is set to release this weekend. The film’s songs have been climbing the charts with their foot thumping beats and addictive tunes. Set against an array of breathtaking locations, Jigariyaa is ready to surprise take audiences by storm with its fresh and young appeal and unique story.

Jigariya is a romantic saga showcasing love as it blossoms in the age of the innocence. Here are 5 reasons to why everyone should watch the film this weekend:

1. Jigariyaa’s Music: The films album consists of a series of melodious tracks titled ‘Arziyaan’, ‘Jigariyaa’, ‘Ishq Hai’, ‘Mora Rangdaar Saiyyaan’, ‘Phurr Phurr’ and ‘Rang Rang De’.  The touch of the 1980’s era to the music has worked such wonders that the music industry is buzzing to the beats of these numbers. Listen to these beautiful renditions and get lost in the melody of young love.


2. The two budding stars of Jigariyaa-Harsh Vardhan Deo and Cherry Mardia: They have impressed directors like Rajkumar Hirani and Rohit Shetty among others with their ability to bring innocent love on screen. Their camaraderie reflects in the way they portray the love struck characters. Harshvardhan is adorable as the Romeo of the 80’s with Cherry complementing him perfectly.


3. Impress and Express through a romantic shayari: Romance your girl with a shayari this season, watch Jigariyaa and learn the ultimate way to steal and seal your lover’s heart. Be like Shammu and ape his shayarana andaaz to charm your girl. “Chod ke ek nazraana……nazaar se ojhal ho gaye...” Captivate your loved one with an original composition inspired by the film.


4. The film depicts beautiful cities of Agra and Mathura in all their glory circa 1988- 89: These citiesduring the late 1980’s with unblemished walls, untouched heritage and a heavy poetic influence make a sight to remember. The land known for true love, Agra is the apt location to showcase a love story. The film captures the two cities artistically, taking the viewer to period of timeless beauty.


5. ‘Jigariyaa’ is produced by the makers of Tanu weds Manu: Their previous film was an unconventional love story that was appreciated by the audience. After its success the makers are offering fans a brand new story of relationships in a decade where simplicity was the key.

Directed by Raj Purohit, Jigariyaa is produced by Raju Chadha and Vinod Bachchan, introducing Harshvardhan Deo and Cherry Mardia in lead roles. The film is written by Raj Purohit & Apratim Khare based on true events. Based in Agra circa 1988-89, Jigariyaa is scheduled for release on October 10, 2014.


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