Posted on October 21, 2014 at 7:55 am

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Diwali trouble for Tamil film "Kaththi"?

vijayFans have been eagerly awaiting Tamil star, Vijay’s new film, Kaththi, (“knife”) which was initially supposed to release on Diwali.  However, thanks to a dangerous situation in Tamil Nadu, the film release may have to be delayed.  Previously, some other films too have had to be delayed due to discord in the state of Tamil Nadu.

This time, there have been reports that a popular cinema, Satyam Multiplex, in Chennai was the target of some violence on Monday (Oct. 20, 2014).  These reports state that a group of hooligans broke the glass windows and threw homemade kerosene bombs at both the lobby and the ticket-booking booth of the multiplex. Thankfully, despite showing late night shows, none of the attendees was hurt.

Police are not revealing many details regarding the incident, nor has any arrest been made.  Still, the violence has put a dent in plans to release Kaththi on Diwali.

Tickets were meant to go on sale on Monday itself.  After this incident, a senior member of the Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners’ Association explained, it is too danger to do so.  He said,

“There is no way we would screen this film…we can’t take any risk. We would take a call after a meeting this afternoon.”

Kaththi has been negatively impacted by news that the film’s producers have links to the extremely unpopular Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse.  Rajapakse is rumored to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils by defense forces in the final months of his country’s civil war.  As such, groups have been lashing out at cinemas that are willing to show this movie.  After this latest incident, it remains to be seen when Kaththi will release in cinemas in Tamil Nadu!

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