Posted on October 22, 2014 at 7:14 pm

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Dia Mirza releases statement regarding Boman Irani's absence!

bomandiaIf you’ve been following the press about Dia Mirza’s wedding, you know that Boman Irani was supposed to do her kanyadaan (ie giving away of the bride).

In the 2006 hit, “Lage Raho Munnabhai,” Dia had played Boman’s daughter.  At that time, she had made him promise that he would perform the customary kanyadaan ritual at her wedding, which is typically done by one’s father, although in modern times both parents do the kanyadaan.

Ultimately, Boman was unable to attend her wedding and the press went into a frenzy publishing articles about how he let Dia down and how there may have been a fallout.  This is far from the truth, according to Dia Mirza herself.

Read the statement Mirza herself has released:

Dear Friend,

This is to let you know that Boman Irani is like a father to me. His absence at my wedding hurt him deeply, as is natural in a relationship that is cemented by deep affection and love. I know that you will appreciate that not only is it unfair but it is also further hurting to read the kind of strange headlines to articles about his absence. I would be very grateful if you would kindly place on record that NOTHING will ever come in the way of our mutual love an respect. And know that such articles don’t do any good for an unfortunate circumstance.


You have always been balanced and kind in all that you have projected of me and I am going to count on that kindness once again.


Have a wonderful Diwali!

Warm Regards,
Dia Mirza

If sources are to be believed, Boman had a legitimate reason for his absence.  Apparently, Farah Khan had scheduled a shooting for the end credits sequence in Happy New Year, which required the presence of the entire star cast, including Boman,  The source said,

“There was no way Boman could have missed Dia’s wedding. But Happy New Year is releasing this Friday and he had to be there for the end credits song along with his co-actors. Farah’s team is also travelling extensively to promote the film. A busy schedule is what compelled Boman to skip her wedding.”

Boman has yet to release a statement regarding the matter, but Dia said she understood,

“Boman is and will be a part of us. He could not make it for a good reason, which Sahil and I respect. My mother doesn’t believe in kanyadaan and so, the pundit very progressively re-worded the entire process. I wasn’t really ‘given’ away.”

It is nice to hear that Dia and Boman are still as close as ever! Sometimes work just gets in the way of other events!  Wishing Dia all the best for her married life!

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