Posted on October 10, 2014 at 11:05 pm

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Abram Asad Khan vs Abram Shah Rukh Khan?

Superstar, Shahrukh Khan, had sworn that he would try to keep his precious baby, Abram Khan, away from the media.  As such, Shahrukh’s baby boy has been closely guarded.  However, just days after Abram Khan Khattack, son of actress-singer-model, Veena Malik, and businessman, Asad Khan Khattack`s pictures made the rounds in media, Shahrukh Khan released pictures of his son, also named AbRam Khan, on Twitter!  We’re not complaining, but we’re just wondering what changed his mind!

It has been only 2 weeks since Veena`s son was born and the news was all around. The exuberant couple even made a Twitter account for young Abram who, at the moment, enjoys over 33.7K followers!

Abram Khan`s pictures went viral on Twitter and have been constantly in news for the last two weeks, thanks to his charm and cuteness!

Seeing that Veena’s son is enjoying such a mass following, many think that Shahrukh felt the need to step things up for his son.  They are speculating that because he felt threatened by Veena`s son, he thought it was about time he revealed his son, AbRam Khan`s, picture to the world.  Shahrukh posted a picture with his son, AbRam, on Twitter – read our post here – during Eid. Soon enough, the picture too went viral. Thousands of his fans re-tweeted the picture. Shahrukh must be feeling quite good about his decision to share his cute son’s pic!

The big question that remains, however, is what made Shahrukh Khan suddenly decide to release his son`s picture? That too, a few days after Veena and Asad did the same. Was he actually threatened? Had he planned on revealing his son’s picture on Eid all along? Or, did he decide he should satisfy his fans curiosity at last? Whatever may be the reason, we congratulate both the parents and wish them and their cute sons good luck for their future!

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