Posted on September 9, 2014 at 2:32 am

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When Sonam Kapoor got compared to Rekha?

It’s always a good thing when a old time actress from the 60’s and 70’s praises you and then  you are compared to her for a current film you are doing. From the looks of it, the new age actress was excited on getting complimented by one actress that everyone knows of! Buzz is that actress Sonam Kapoor was initially apprehensive to take up the role in ‘Khoobsurat’, which is a remake of the 1980’s film which starred Rekha, as she didn’t want to be compared to the veteran actress. Who wouldn’t be – she is one of the greatest actress in tinsel town!

Talking about being apprehensive of working in ‘Khoobsurat’, Sonam said,

“I was a little nervous to step into the shoes of Rekhaji. I was doubtful at first because comparisons will be there as Rekhaji had done the film so brilliantly and people will question how I will do it. But after reading the script, I was a bit relaxed. I found the character to be female-driven, it is an author-backed role. “There is not much that I have taken from her character as my role is quite different from the original,” she added.

The new ‘Khoobsurat’ is set in the royal family of Rajasthan where Sonam, who plays the role of a physiotherapist in the film, ends up being a complete misfit.

Since her film is a remake, the 29-year-old actress revealed her plans to show the film to the veteran actress too! Sonam said,

“When I told her about this film (remake of ‘Khoobsurat’) she gave me her blessings. She is excited about the film. She is a close friend and we show her all our films.”


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