Posted on September 11, 2014 at 2:21 am

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Master-D introduces World’s First Bangla R&B single Aye Raat!

Master-D is best known as one of the masterminds behind the Canadian group, “The Bilz & Kashif.”  He has tasted great success with the band – touring the world, producing platinum selling hits, and 3 international awards!  Master-D wanted to introduce the world to a new sound, and as such, has produced the world’s first Bangla R&B single – “Aye Raat.”  You can listen to it this raat (night) itself because it is a free download!

Master-D manages to maintain his signature urban sound with some bangin’ Bangla lyrics – something that has never been done before. The track also features talented New York based rapper, Nivla and is about to set the tone for Master-D’s brand new highly anticipated solo album this year. Speaking about the track, Master-D shared,

“I want to empower the Bangla community to be proud of their heritage and their culture. I want them to have someone to represent them worldwide.”

On the day of the release, Aye Raat gained over 1000 downloads within 24 hrs!  There is quite a buzz in the Bangla community and major radio stations are also taking notice of his movement.  We hope our Urban Asian fans enjoy the track too!  Let us know what you think!

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